School pupils inspired by current Caians

  • 27 March 2024
  • 3 minutes

Over 900 pupils have visited in Lent Term to experience life at the University of Cambridge, with some shown around by students who attended their schools.

The pupils for Caius’ link state schools across Hertfordshire, London and Norfolk explored the College, visited museums, experienced taster lectures, and received information, advice and guidance on Cambridge, the University and college admissions processes.

For most of these students, they had never visited a university before. Many of them commented on how much they enjoyed meeting current undergraduates to hear about their experiences of Cambridge and find out more about what they did to prepare themselves for an application. 

Some of our current undergraduates led tours for their old schools. Among the undergraduates to host their former school was Simran Chadda (Land Economy 2023), who attended in Stratford, and Nicole Davis (Classics 2021), who went to the in Bishop’s Stortford.

“When I saw on the outreach document that LAE was coming to visit Caius, I felt a sense of duty to go help out,” Simran, pictured right, says. A woman in a blue academic gown standing in front of a bush

“Since LAE is only year 12 and year 13, and it was the year 12s visiting, I didn't actually know any of the students but recognised an old teacher of mine who was accompanying them. 

“It felt really weird to look at the current year 12s and realise how far I'd come. They're only two years younger than me, but so much has changed in those two years! 

“When that was me, I didn't even know what a Cambridge college was, let alone what course I wanted to apply to or what my interests actually were. 

“I therefore enjoyed being able to give some insight into what the university was like and answer any questions they had about Cambridge or applying to university in general. 

“Reconnecting with the school that helped me so much and being able to give back, even a tiny bit, was really valuable to me and I'd love to help out again.”

A woman in a white shirt in front of a harbour

Nicole, pictured left, showed Year 10 pupils from the Hertfordshire and Essex High School around Caius. 

“It was really funny, because I remember being in their position,” Nicole says.

“It felt nice being able to be the older former student showing them around. It made me feel happy and talking to them about it was quite enjoyable.

“I tried to make it seem less of a foreign thing – saying that I was in their shoes and didn’t know what I was doing, and then ended up here! 

“It’s close to home, but I’m glad I came here rather than somewhere else. It was great to experience new things while knowing my way around. I can also go home whenever, or meet family in Cambridge.”