The University Counselling Service

The majority of personal and relationship problems can be helped by counselling. Anxiety, stress, depression and family difficulties are common reasons for visiting the service, as is the need to talk through a difficult decision or the need for support in settling in. Specific problems such as eating disorders or addictions can also be helped. It is a good idea to come before the problem becomes serious: it is often easier to resolve when it is still a minor issue. The counsellor will listen carefully to what you have to say, explore your difficulties with you, and help you to consider their origins and look at how you may work towards making changes. The service is available throughout most of the year, and is not confined to Full Term. It is paid for by the College and is available to all members and staff. All contacts with the counsellor are treated in the strictest confidence. If, however, you think that the problem about which you are consulting a counsellor might interfere with your academic work, you would be wise to mention it to your Tutor and/or your Director of Studies.

The University Counselling Service has  relating to common problems. They cover subjects which include anxiety and panic, coping with exams, depression, eating disorders, homesickness, loneliness, procrastination, and work block. The Counselling Service also has .