Food and drink

In a busy college, meal-times are an important time to get together and catch up with friends or meet fellow students in other years or subject groups. At Caius, we really value these opportunities to take a break from busy schedules, and our students eat in Hall more than in most colleges. 

Lunch and dinner are served in the College Hall daily, and breakfast is available in the College bar. Caius is unique amongst Cambridge Colleges in that a three-course meal is served in Hall every evening. There are two dinner sittings each night, the second of which is known as Formal Hall. Gowns are worn at Formal Hall, but the atmosphere is relaxed (there's no dress code apart from the gown!). As an undergraduate, you’ll pay for 36 dinners a term (around four per week) up front. You choose the nights you want to eat in Hall and book through an online system.

Breakfast and lunch are informal, cafeteria-style meals with a variety of hot and cold dishes to choose from. There’s also a meal deal available in the bar at lunchtime, offering soup and sandwiches. We can cater for a wide range of special dietary requirements.

Twice a term, Caius has a very popular ‘Super Hall’- a great value four-course dinner. Students often invite friends from other colleges as part of birthday parties and other celebrations. In the summer, a barbeque is available for students at our West Road site.

If you want to prepare your own snacks and simple meals, there are small shared kitchens in all College accommodation.

is committed to reducing the risk to members of the College community and visitors with regard to the provision and preparation of food which could lead to an allergic reaction. Our Food Allergies Policy is published on our .