Records of College clubs and societies

Description of contents

1. The archives of bodies, such as student organisations, clubs and societies, which form part of College life, but which are not a part of the official administrative record of the corporate body of the Master and Fellows. Records of the following organisations are held:

Student organisations

  • and Caius Amalgamated Clubs
  • Gargoyles
  • Junior Combination Room
  • Middle Combination Room

College clubs and societies

  • Bargees Club
  • The Bastards
  • Caius Boat Club
  • Caius Cricket Club
  • Caius Club
  • Caius Co-optimists Club
  • Caius Debating Society
  • Epicurean Dining Society
  • Fortnightly Society
  • Historical Society
  • Jeremy Taylor Society
  • Law Club
  • Caius College Medical Society
  • Caius Musical Society
  • Once a Week Society
  • Raleigh Club
  • Caius College Rifle Club
  • Caius Science and Arts Society
  • Scales Club
  • Caius Shakespeare Society
  • Shadwell Society
  • The Swallows
  • Trenchermen

2. The records of external bodies such as the University and its departments, which refer to the College, but were not created by and Caius, e.g. files from the University of Cambridge: Department of Estates Management.

Access information

Access restrictions to records of related bodies are usually judged on the same criteria as for the College’s own records; or with reference to the access restrictions generally applied by the originators of the records. Records of student organisations and College clubs and societies are open access with no restrictions. Records of the Department of Estates Management are subject to the same closure period as other University records.