Clubs and societies

Caius has a large student body with a very wide range of interests. The College provides generous funding to help run a range of clubs, so you should find something you like, whether you're carrying on an existing interest or taking up something new. In terms of sport, we have active men and women's football, rugby, netball and hockey teams among many more, but we are also a very strong rowing College and work hard to give beginners a chance to try the sport (we have a great record in producing University-level rowers who have never been in a boat before coming to Caius). College sports teams play in inter-Collegiate competitions and, if you're talented, you could end up competing for the University.

There are also numerous opportunities to take part in drama and music at Caius - whatever your particular interest and time-commitment. We're a strong music College with a renowned choir that records and undertakes regular international tours.

Currently, there are around 45 clubs and societies to choose from within College, including sports, music, drama, art, politics, poker, chess and pool. All are free to join and open to beginners. In the unlikely event that there’s no group for your particular interest, you could start one for yourself. Just find a few like-minded people and there’s a good chance that the College will support you by providing a venue or funding.

A list of current societies can be found on the .