Bridging Week

From 2023, Caius will be offering a Bridging Week to a group of incoming first-year students immediately before the start of Michaelmas term. This will be aimed at helping students to hit the ground running when term begins, by facilitating the creation of social networks, providing useful academic skills support for the transition from school/college to university, and simply giving students a bit longer to settle in before the busyness and intensity of their first Cambridge term. We recognise at Caius that the smoothness of the transition to Cambridge life can vary depending on a student's background and the networks of support and prior experience they may or may not have around them, and the Bridging Week is an access initiative aimed at addressing this and ensuring that the transition to Cambridge life is as smooth as possible for all.

During the week, the selected students will participate in a range of both academic and social sessions to help familiarise themselves with the city, their colleges and being a student at Cambridge. It's a fantastic chance for the participants to find their feet ahead of October, Every participant in the programme will also have a current undergraduate from their own college to support them in the transition to Cambridge. 

Students share a joke outside College

When does the Bridging Week take place?

2024's Bridging Week will take place between Monday 23rd September and Tuesday 1st October, which is the arrival date of most incoming Caius first years. 

Is there a cost?

No. The Bridging Week is entirely free and will include accommodation and meals for the duration of the stay, plus financial assistance with travel and other costs. Students will stay in first-year accommodation in Caius.

How do I know if I am on the Bridging Week?

You will receive an email in February inviting you to attend the Bridging Week, should you meet the terms of your offer.

How are offer-holders selected to take part?

Offer-holders have been selected individually and holistically based on widening participation indicators. There are no academic criteria to selection.