Toasting Abrahams' Olympic success

  • 08 July 2024

Harold Abrahams (Law 1919) was the toast of once again on Sunday evening, on the 100th anniversary of his 100 metres gold medal at the Paris Olympic Games.

At 10.6 seconds after 7pm – timed to coincide with the moment Abrahams crossed the finish line to win gold a century earlier – , Caius' 42nd Master, led a toast to a great sporting Caian.

Abrahams, who made his Olympic debut in 1920 while an undergraduate student at Caius, was the inspiration for this year’s exhibition in the Lower Library, . The exhibition by the Library and Archives celebrated other Caian Olympians - including , who will sail for Great Britain this summer. Look out for a story on the College website prior to the opening of the Paris 2024 Games.

See photos from the exhibition and the toast, and scroll down for more on Abrahams.

A group of people making a toast with champagne flutes

An exhibition display case showing some black and white photographs

. See who follows Abrahams in winning the men’s 100m title in Paris at the 2024 Olympics. The final takes place on Sunday 4 August. The opening ceremony of the Paris Olympics takes place on Friday 26 July.

Professor Sir Alan Fersht featured in a documentary about Abrahams and the film Chariots of Fire, which won four Oscars in 1982.

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